DevOps Support Services

Drive you DevOps journey with AWS!

DevOps Services allows you to improve your business agility by following various DevOps principles and practices.

We do this by automating the development cycle with highly scalable infrastructure provisioning and manage every intricate environment at scale.

By using AWS as a Cloud Platform, we help you build, test, and deploy applications without hindrances throughout AWS’s continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline.

AWS DevOps Best Practices That We Follow To Help You

DevOps Solutions

AWS Addon to DevOps Start

AWS allows simple signup for an account, and you are ready to go.
AWS takes care of its infrastructure by following its Fully Managed Infrastructure policy, leave us to only pick AWS resources quicker and continue to focus on the core products.
Manage to scale from a single instance to thousands of them with flexible compute resources offered by AWS by easy provisioning, configuration, and scaling benefits.
Automate manual tasks such as deployments, container management, development, and test workflows and manage configurations easily with AWS automation service provisioning.
Get the best out of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) in setting your permissions and policies to gain control over resource allocation and access.
AWS services offer you the flexibility to use services as and when required, and only pay as you move onto them. One can forget about prior payments, termination penalties, or long-term contracts with AWS. AWS Free Tier is there to help you out.
Serverless architecture allows you to run your code or function without worrying about the servers, just upload your code snippet as raw code or in a zip format to make it work.

AWS DevOps Services

AWS CodePipeline

Helps you design development workflow and works as an end-to-end solution. Also, it delivers features and updates rapidly.

AWS CodeBuild

A continuous integration service that complies source codes, runs test and generates ready-to-deploy applications.

AWS CodeCommit

Hosts Git-based repositories that stores source code to binaries and allows you to browse and edit online for your projects in a secured way.

AWS CodeDeploy

Provides the potential to deploy applications with lesser downtime and integrates with continuous delivery process.

AWS Serverless (Lambda)

AWS Lambda automatically runs your code without requiring you to provision or manage infrastructure. Just write the code and upload it to Lambda either as a ZIP file or container image.

AWS CodeStar

Allows you to manage software activities in one place with unified user interface.