AWS Cloud Migration

Migrate Applications to The AWS Cloud 30% Faster!

Cloud migration is useful when a company wants to move its infrastructure into the cloud. We help you migrate your data by following Cloud infrastructure principles and practices. We do this by automating cycle with highly scalable infrastructure provisioning and manage every intricate environment at scale.

As more and more infrastructures have already transitioned to the cloud, cloud migrations are increasingly taking place within the cloud. This service also includes migration between different cloud providers (known as cloud-to-cloud migration).

What Are The Benefits of Cloud Migration?

AWS Migration Solutions

Challenges of Cloud Migration

Without proper planning, you cannot make the most of the magic the cloud has to offer. But even the most well-thought-out migrations come with a certain degree of risk. Common pitfalls to watch out for include:

It is not easy to get your existing applications to communicate with newer cloud environments. To ensure they do, we help you to adapt your processes with the cloud provider.
How will you keep your data secure while moving it to the cloud where you have less control? Is your sensitive data subject to compliance requirements like GDPR? These are real concerns, both during and after migration and we help you out by following the compliances guidelines to prevent security issues.
The migration process might require taking in-house servers temporarily offline. But downtime could be disastrous to application performance — thus customer loyalty — if not supported by a proper plan for disaster recovery.
The larger or more complex your current infrastructure, the harder these challenges are to overcome. That is why our team of cloud experts takes on this exciting transformation armed with cloud migration services that can mitigate these risks — plus a sound strategy, room for growth, and an openness to change.

Cloud Migration Process

Migration Planning

Cloud migration requires solid planning to be successful. Before getting started, get clear on your reasons for the move and which migration approach best supports them. Here is where you might employ cloud migration tools to help inform your migration plan by providing full visibility into your on-premises environment, including all system dependencies.

Infrastructure Design & Implementation

After evaluating your current application resource requirements, we take the next step to implement the design for the application and test it till the expected conditions get satisfied.

Migrate Your Apps & Data

Planned accurately, your actual app and data migration should go smoothly. Note you have three additional options for transferring the local data center to the public cloud: an online transfer, using either public internet or over a private network, or a physical offline transfer whereby you upload local data onto an appliance to ship to the cloud provider. (The best approach depends on the amount and type of data you are moving and the speed at which to do it. Your provider can help you decide.)